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Tag: pets

19 The Itchy Dog Episode

download this episode download this episode Have an itchy dog? Dr. Lissa explains the causes and management options available. Helpful Links from the episode: FDA…

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18 The Smooshy Face Episode

Dr. Lissa explains why we are drawn to the smooshy-faced, snorting, snoring, drooling charm of the brachycepahlic dog breeds. Learn why oxygen truly is a luxury for these flat-faced beauties.

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The Mysterious Anal Glands

Ahh, anal glands. Such a mysterious and misunderstood body part. To really appreciate the anal glands, you first have to know what they are and…

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17 Vet Confidential A World Without Trust

Clients typically come to me to help them solve a problem–that’s kinda the point of my job. But, as so often happens, they have spent hours researching their problem before ever coming through my door. So now, not only do I have to establish the trust and confidence of client sitting before me, but I have to do overcome the mistrust of the hundreds of other anonymous virtual people in the exam room.

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