pet parenting

The Mysterious Anal Glands

Ahh, anal glands. Such a mysterious and misunderstood body part. To really appreciate the anal glands, you first have to know what they are and what they do. It’s actually pretty simple—they’re scent glands. Think of a skunk. When skunks spray, they are forcefully emitting and emptying their scent glands (hence, their anal glands). Fortunately…

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Oodles of Doodles

When did the world decide that poodles were such a perfect breed of a dog that they needed to be bred into every other type of dog known to mankind?

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My Cat Won’t Pee In the Box!

As a pet parent, I’m not sure there’s a more frustrating scenario than a cat who has decided it wants to pee anywhere but in the litter box. In fact, feline inappropriate urination (the medical term) is the number one reason for cat euthanasia. Nothing shortens the lifespan of a cat more than peeing in…

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Just A Farm Dog

Ah those words, “he’s just a farm dog.” The words every veterinarian just loves to hear (and for the sake of this post, “farm dog” could also be read as “barn cat”). I practice in a rural community that is heavily influenced by farming and agriculture. That’s awesome. Farming is awesome. I have so much…

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