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Tag: pet parenting

19 The Itchy Dog Episode

download this episode download this episode Have an itchy dog? Dr. Lissa explains the causes and management options available. Helpful Links from the episode: FDA…

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18 The Smooshy Face Episode

Dr. Lissa explains why we are drawn to the smooshy-faced, snorting, snoring, drooling charm of the brachycepahlic dog breeds. Learn why oxygen truly is a luxury for these flat-faced beauties.

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The Mysterious Anal Glands

Ahh, anal glands. Such a mysterious and misunderstood body part. To really appreciate the anal glands, you first have to know what they are and…

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17 Vet Confidential A World Without Trust

Clients typically come to me to help them solve a problem–that’s kinda the point of my job. But, as so often happens, they have spent hours researching their problem before ever coming through my door. So now, not only do I have to establish the trust and confidence of client sitting before me, but I have to do overcome the mistrust of the hundreds of other anonymous virtual people in the exam room.

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My Cat Won’t Pee In the Box!

As a pet parent, I’m not sure there’s a more frustrating scenario than a cat who has decided it wants to pee anywhere but in…

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