Pet Parenting Podcast episodes by Melissa Lynn, DVM

19: The Itchy Dog Episode

Have an itchy dog? Dr. Lissa explains the causes and management options available. Helpful Links from the episode:  

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14: The Anal Gland Episode

In this episode Dr. Lissa explains everything you ever wanted to know about anal glands! Podcast Page: https://thisvetsvoice.com/fur-reals-podcast Other Helpful Links: Email Dr. Lissa: contact@thisvetsvoice.com The Blog: https://thisvetsvoice.com…

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13: The Is It An Emergency Episode

In this episode test your ability to determine what a true veterinary emergency is. Get the download! Pet Parents First Aid Survival Guide https://thisvetsvoice.com/fur-reals-podcast Email Dr. Lissa: contact@thisvetsvoice.com The Blog:…

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