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Category: Pet Parenting

The Mysterious Anal Glands

Ahh, anal glands. Such a mysterious and misunderstood body part. To really appreciate the anal glands, you first have to know what they are and…

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My Cat Won’t Pee In the Box!

As a pet parent, I’m not sure there’s a more frustrating scenario than a cat who has decided it wants to pee anywhere but in…

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Separation Anxiety: It’s not him, it’s you.

You fell in love with a cute picture on the internet or you looked at a group of puppies and felt sorry for connected to the shy, shivering one in the corner. Your heart melted because THAT ONE needed you the most.

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The First Puppy Visit

Yay! You’re getting a puppy! That’s awesome! Nothing makes a veterinarian happier than a first puppy visit! Here are my top 5 tips for having a successful puppy appointment.

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Preparing for a Puppy

So, you think you want a puppy. Who wouldn’t? Puppies are so cute and cuddly—think of all the Instagram pictures and videos you’ll get to take. Maybe one of them will go viral! Play your cards right and you’ll have the next internet sensation! Future pet parent, let’s go over a few things to make sure you’re REALLY prepared for this puppy

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Is it an Emergency?

Aren’t veterinarians supposed to care about their patients at all times and be available to ease their clients fears 24 hours a day? Well, yes, sort-of. We DO care and we WILL be there for you during an actual emergency. Our profession calls us to serve, no doubt, but that doesn’t ease the disappointment of my kids when mommy has to leave family movie night—again.

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Hello, Pet Parents

I hope to provide useful insight that will help you be both the BEST pet parent, and the BEST client your veterinarian has ever had! I can’t promise that it will always be easy advice to hear, but just remember, like your parents always told you, I only say these things because I love you.

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