The Mysterious Anal Glands

Ahh, anal glands. Such a mysterious and misunderstood body part. To really appreciate the anal glands, you first have...

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Oodles of Doodles

When did the world decide that poodles were such a perfect breed of a dog that they needed to...

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My Cat Won’t Pee In the Box!

As a pet parent, I’m not sure there’s a more frustrating scenario than a cat who has decided it...

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Just A Farm Dog

Ah those words, “he’s just a farm dog.” The words every veterinarian just loves to hear (and for the...

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Separation Anxiety: It’s not him, it’s you.

You fell in love with a cute picture on the internet or you looked at a group of puppies...

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The First Puppy Visit

Yay! You’re getting a puppy! That’s awesome! Nothing makes a veterinarian happier than a first puppy visit! Here are...

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