In this episode Dr. Melissa kicks off season three by chatting with her good friend—and rabies expert—Dr. Ingrid Garrison a public health veterinarian from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. Dr. Garrsion shares her insights about the deadly virus and what pet parents can do to prevent the spread.

Useful Links from the Show:

Rabies Prevention in Pets and People (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) – General information on how to prevent rabies in both pets and people

Rabies cases for the entire United States (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) – Check with your State Department of Public Health for the most current information on rabies cases.

Animal Rabies Prevention and Control Compendium (National Association of State Public Health Veterinarians) – Includes information on vaccination of animals against rabies and all licensed rabies vaccines for animals in the U.S. These are only recommendations. You must check with your city, county, and state for rabies vaccination requirements for where you live.

 RABIESAWARE.ORG – Quick reference for rabies vaccinations laws for each state.

Information on rabies cases in Kansas – This website contains information on the number of animals tested for rabies and the number of animals positive for rabies as well as information on prevention, information for veterinarians, healthcare providers, local health departments, law enforcement, and wildlife professionals

 Kansas Rabies Control Regulations –

 Kansas Rabies Disease Investigation Guideline – Information on how local health departments conduct investigations into all rabies-positive animals in Kansas to prevent spread of this disease to humans and other animals.

 Bats found in Houses – Bats can have rabies and spread this disease to people and pets. You cannot tell if a bat has rabies, or not, by looking at it. If you find a bat inside your home contact your local or state health department for a rabies exposure consultation. You can find more information about how to safely capture a bat at this website

State and Local Rabies Consultation Contacts –

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